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Bear Flag Road, Stonyford, CA 95979

Stonyford, CA is a very small community of less than 1000 people.  Stonyford is located approximately 25 miles from Interstate 5 into the countryside, west of the town of Maxwell.  It is near the southern end of the East Park Reservoir.  Stonyford is approximately 92 miles northwest of Sacramento, CA.  Bear Flag Road in Stonyford runs between 2 parts of Black Diamond Road in a northeasterly direction.  The road is a semi-improved, gravelly road, with a few houses along its length, on the west and east.  Most of the homes are manufactured homes.  The entrance to Bear Flag Road is a few tenths of a mile off of Lodoga Stonyford Road.  The area appears to have been subdivided, with wooden street signs in place, but has only been partially developed.  The nearest commercial establishment is some distance away.  This Bear Flag Road is definitely in a rural area.  As we visited the location, in the afternoon of  February 9, 2008, several deer were seen walking across the road intently watching us, but with little fear.  By coincidence, several nearby hilltops were coated with snow and could be seen long before approaching Stonyford and its Bear Flag Road.


Stonyford BF Rd
Stonyford BF Rd
Stonyford BF Rd

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