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Bear Flag Road, Sonoma, CA 95476

Bear Flag Road in Sonoma is located about 2 miles from Highway 12, down W. Watmaugh Rd.  Sonoma is located about an hour drive from San Francisco and it north of San Francisco Bay about half way between Highways 101 and Interstate 80.  It is about 3 miles southwest as the crow flies from the main downtown plaza of Sonoma.  The Plaza is where the City Hall is as well as the location of the Bear Flag Monuments and the sites of the creation and first flying of the Bear Flag in 1846.  W. Watmaugh Road, makes a sharp left turn to the south at the intersection where Bear Flag Road begins.  Bear Flag Road is flanked on the west by fields of grape vines and open space as far as can be seen until it turns easterly at its end.  On the east side of Bear Flag Road and also on it its north and south sides following its turn easterly, there is a nice manufactured home community.  Bear Flag Road runs in a generally northerly direction until it turns east at its end.  It deadends just past the intersection with Portola Circle/Int’l Blvd. which are roads within the manufactured home community.


Sonoma BF Rd
Sonoma BF Rd

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