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Bear Flag Way, Sacramento, CA 95819

Bear Flag Way in Sacramento is located in the area known as East Sacramento, east of downtown Sacramento and east of the freeway known as Business I-80.  Sacramento is located about 2 hours drive from San Francisco.  It is located in an older area of nice homes and near two of Sacramento’s hospitals.  Bear Flag Way is located between 47th St and 48th St., and abuts into J St.  J St. has been Sacramento’s main downtown street for many years.  J St. runs in a southeasterly direction from downtown Sacramento, and Bear Flag Way is perpendicular to J St. running in a northeasterly direction.  It is one long block with houses only on one side, the easterly side of the street, and ends at Hidden Lane, which runs parallel to J and H Sts.  Across J St. from Bear Flag Way is an alley, which does not bear any name so far as can be found.  Along J St., adjacent to the southerly end of Bear Flag Way are several smaller, local businesses.



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