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N.B.: We cannot and do not vouch for the accuracy of the information on any of these sites, but merely provide such as a further source of your review and evaluation.  To the extent any political or other opinion is maintained by such site(s), we take no responsibility for such.  Further, if the site offers commercial services, we are not recommending such services.


NAVA - North American Vexillological Association - scholarly, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the pursuit of Vexillology, the scientific study of flag history and symbolism.

The Flag Research Center - Site of the “Father” of Vexillology, Whitney Smith, Ph.d.

NAVA’s Members Favorite Flag Books as of 1999

Illustrated Dictionary of Vexillology: Volume One (A through M)

Illustrated Dictionary of Vexillology: Volume Two (N through Z)

Flags of the World - premier online resource about flags



Flags Over California

California State Capitol Museum

100 years ago Bear Flag became Official

Order The Bear Flag Kit

Golden Gate National Recreational Area, The Bear Flag Revolt

Raising of the Bear Flag Monument

Happy Birthday, Bear Flag

Searching for John Grider

Bear Flag Monument

Bear in Mind Bear graphics from the UC Berkeley Library

The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco

The California Bear Flag @ the Virtual Museum, S.F.

Fremont in the Conquest of San Francisco by John Bidwell, Century Magazine February 1891

Rancho and Mission Days in Alta California by M. Vallejo, Century Magazine December 1890

1846 California Bear Flags @ FOTW(Flags of the World)

California (U.S.) @ FOTW (Flags of the World)

The Town of Healdsburg's Grassroots Community website - Online information site about all 50 U.S. states

Bear Flags of Sonoma @ Bear Flag Sesquicentennial site

150th Anniversary Raising of the Bear Flag

Raising of the Bear Flag at Sonoma @ Bear Flag Sesquicentennial site

Wikipedia on the California Republic

Wikipedia on the Flag of California on the Bear Flag resulting from a mistake

California State Library description of the State Flag graphic and brief description about the bear Flag

California Military Museum page on the Bear Flag Revolt

California Military Museum page on Fremont and the Bear Flag Revolt on the Bear Flag Republic

Encyclopedia Britannica article on the Bear Flag Revolt

States’ Liberty Party on the California Bear Flag Revolt

California State Parks site information on 1846-1854 on the Bear Flag Revolt on the California Bear Flag

Maria Carrillo on the Bear Flag Revolt

National Park Service on the Sonoma Plaza History

Wikipedia Image of the California State Flag

The Bear Flag Show


Historical Flags of Our Ancestors

Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives

NSGW Grizzly Bear Magazine, Nov. 1908 - May 1954,1,1,B/holdings~1842377&FF=&1,0,

Friends of the BFM

The California Arts Council

Artist Jillian Kogan

Artist Steve Greenberg

California Historical Museums Guide
A directory of historical museums in California

Bob Graham's John Charles Fremont and related website.

Erik Bakke, artist

Big Blue Marble



Updated August 4, 2013


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