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   Cartoons by
Steve Greenberg

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All artwork and text © Steve Greenberg
Republished with permission

bear marriage

Title: Gay marriage in Calif.
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: May 16, 2008
About this cartoon: The California Supreme Court rules that bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional.


CA Fire

Title: California FIREpublic
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: July 2, 2002
About this cartoon: California was going through a period of particularly high fire danger.
Noteworthy: Most cartoons are just free association. I thought about fire danger and fire safety, which led to thinking of Smokey Bear, which led to my noticing that California is also represented by a bear on the California Republic flag, and it was just a matter of combining these elements.



Tax Revolts Cartoon

Title: Tax revolt experiences
: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Date: June 25, 1993
About this cartoon: A cartoon drawn in Seattle as a cautionary note to a growing "tax revolt" movement in Washington state, with the delayed effect of 1978's Proposition 13 in California having negative economic ripples for decades that Washingtonians might want to consider. Some tax-revolt measures did pass in the Evergreen State.
Noteworthy: The license plate (Waashington) reads "Tax inits." A modified version of this ran in California Journal.



Drought Cartoon

Title: Drought
: California Journal
Date: April 1991
About this cartoon: The state was suffering from a prolonged drought.
Noteworthy: Freelanced while I was living out of state; the timing was good, coinciding with a cover story on the topic.



Kids Bear Flag Cartoon

Title: Calif. as a place to raise kids
: San Francisco Examiner
Date: Aug. 1, 1999
About this cartoon: A study rated California as one of the worst states to raise kids, based on economics, pollution, teen pregnancy rates and other factors.
Noteworthy: My first cartoon (of just two) to run in the Sunday Examiner/Chronicle, with a circulation of about half a million versus the usual 110,000 of the weekday Ex; for unknown reasons, the editorial page editor would never run me on the most-viewed day, but this was okayed during a time he was on vacation.



Title: Califlynia
: Daily News of Los Angeles
Date: Aug. 27, 1981
About this cartoon: The Medfly (Mediterranean fruit fly) invasion was a major threat to California's agriculture. Quarantine zones were set up, orchards were stripped and sprayed with pesticides, and Governor Brown belatedly okayed the use of the insecticide Malathion.
Noteworthy: A fun cartoon that touched upon the various terms relating to the event.


Title: The Dukedom
: Daily News of Los Angeles
Date: Nov. 7, 1982
About this cartoon: A post-election comment on George Deukmejian winning the governor's race, but inheriting a state economy that was a billion dollars in the red.
Noteworthy: A good visual play to go along with the play on George's name.

Arnold Elected

Title: Arnold elected
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: Oct. 12, 2003
About this cartoon: Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected governor of California by a huge margin. But did a man with a thick accent, a difficult name to say or spell, who avoided most of the debates, acts boorishly, drives a Hummer and never gave specifics for his views really win on his merits? Or because he's a famous movie star?
Noteworthy: The star is a photgraph of one from Hollywood's "Walk of Fame", although i had to doctor it so much to be readable it's almost an illustration.


Title: Deukmejian's IOU
: Daily News of Los Angeles
Date: June 3, 1983
About this cartoon: Higher education was not the highest priority for funding in Governor Deukmejian's administration.
Noteworthy: I like the layout on this; shading reflects a somewhat sketchier mode than usual.


Title: Sloth Flag Republic
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: Dec. 27, 2007
About this cartoon: The Environmental Protection Agency has refused to allow California (and other states) to set vehicle emissions standards more stringent than federal standards, which California and Gov. Schwarzenegger have pushed for to represent at least a small step against global warming. Lawsuits are promised, according to Attorney General Jerry Brown.


Title: Germinator
Published: Ventura County Star
Date: Jan. 8, 2006
About this cartoon: Following his special-election thumping, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to get back in the good graces of voters, embracing ideas he'd previously rejected (such as nurse-patient staffing ratios or a minimum-wage increase) and proposing billions of dollars to be spent on education and infrastructure.



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