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1847 [Feb. 13] THE CALIFORNIAN.

            Our object in penning this article is to make permanent record of all the particulars of the hoisting of the "Bear Flag," under the impression, that, as that was the first move in revolutionizing this country, it will some time be interesting to know where, when, by whom, and what kind of Flag it was.

            On the 14th June, 1846, a party of Americans without a leader, gathered and took possession of the fortified town of Sonoma, on the North side of the Bay of San Francisco, and made prisoners of three Mexican Officers, a General, a Lieut. Colonel and Captain.  On the same day there was a partial organization under the name of the "Republic of California," and agreed to hoist a flag made of a piece of white cotton cloth with one red stripe on the bottom, and on the white a grisly Bear with a single star in front of him, it was painted or rather stained with lamp-black and poke-berries.  Along the top was the words "REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA."


January 31, 2007

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